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L'esercito musicale (The musical army)

Museo Napoleonico
Type: Concert

The Clique of the 23rd Regiment Dragoni proposes music that used to beat the rhythm of the days for Napoleonic soldiers.

In Halls I and II of the First Empire, in the splendid setting of the Museum House that collects paintings and family relics of the most flourishing period of Napoleon’s empire, the Clique of the 23rd Regiment Dragoni will perform a selection of music of the Napoleonic armies. After a close philological reconstruction of the originals, performed live in one single replica, an audience of 50 people will be able to enjoy, for the first time in Rome, this less known aspect of Napoleonic history.


Museo Napoleonico, Museo Napoleonico
Opening hours

9.00 pm

Entrance ticket

Free entrance until booked out.


For info and bookings 060608 every day 9.00am-9.00 pm

Booking compulsory

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